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About us

AZO provides innovative bulk material handling, raw material handling, pneumatic conveying systems, mixer feeding, screeners & bulk containers for the reliable automation of production processes for the industry in foodstuff, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastic.

We plan, produce and install machines and systems all over the world for storing, discharging, screening, conveying, dosing and weighing bulk goods, powder components, flavorings, additives, ultra-low quantities or fluids. Our systems make sure that all recipe components reach the correct processing operation at the right time and in the right quantity.

All around the globe, we support our successful customers in turning their innovative projects into reality with technologies of the future. Even though we are a global player with a worldwide presence, every single AZO solution keeps the quality promised by the "Engineered in Germany" cachet.

You can also secure your prominent position with efficient, sustainable and energy-efficient automation concepts from the number one in mixer loading: Made by AZO!

Products and services

• Product intake systems (pickup hopper, lump breaker)
• Dosing systems (dosing screw, AZODOS®)
• Silo and discharge systems (outdoor/indoor silo, vibration bottom)
• Conveying systems (vacuum, pressure, dense-phase)
• Vacuum weighing systems (single-pipe, multi-pipe, central weighing)
• Big bag discharge systems
• Big bag filling systems
• Screening systems (cyclone-, liquid-, inline-, pre-screening)
• Minor ingredient automation (COMPONENTER®, DOSITAINER®)
• Process IT

Mixer feeding with pneumatic conveying systems

Mixer feeding with pneumatic conveying systems

When bulk goods need to be conveyed gently from A to B segregation-free and without break-up a variety of pneumatic conveying systems can be used, dependent on the application, such as suction-conveying systems, pressure conveying systems, suction-pressure conveying systems, impulse conveying systems or dense-phase conveying systems.



Minor ingredient automation systems involves the fully-automated feeding of precisely-weighed small and minor quantities, ingredients and additives into the mixing process. The AZO COMPONENTER® with its round, linear and synchronised design is a safe solution for exact weighing. The DOSINENTER® with DosiBoxes® and DosiLogistic® with integrated product and operator protection are a cost-effective alternative for the automatic handling of small components when using frequently changing components.

AZO Reliable cyclone screening

AZO Reliable cyclone screening

Screening has now become inevitable as a result of the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP). AZO offers a whole variety of screening systems such as vibration screeners, cyclone screeners, inline screening systems with downstream metal segregation for screening metal parts as well as liquid screening systems for screening agglomerates from liquids.

News & Innovations

Modular big bag discharge station – cost-effective and versatile 

AZO big bag discharge stations make it possible to discharge big bags without generating excess dust and to feed products reliably into the closed production plant. To improve efficiency and reduce costs even further, AZO has developed a modular concept for a big bag discharge station. The requi...| » Further reading 

AZO LIQUIDS Dispersing – Mixing – HomogenisingProcess engineering for liquid and semi-solid processes 

AZO LIQUIDS processing plants are mixing, dispersing and homogenising raw materials for e.g. liquids, powders, ingredients and flavor within industrial production processes to liquid and semi-solid products. Process steps like mixing, dispersing, homogenising, heating, cooling and discharging ca...| » Further reading 


AZO GmbH + Co. KG
Rosenberger Str. 28
74706 Osterburken

Phone: +49 6291 920
Fax: +49 6291 929500

Derk Josef
Director AZO Rus
Phone: +49 6291 92-357

Prospekt Andropova 18, Geb. 6, Office 6-17
115432 Moscow

Phone: +7 495 64175-30

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